Principal’s Update - Homework at WCSA

Monday 2 October – Learning Cycle 1, Week 5

This week I would like to talk about homework. Here at WCSA, we are really proud of the work that teachers have put in to produce bespoke homework booklets for all classes. As I walk round the school, I see folders with homework on tables as a regular feature, alongside pencil cases and planners. This is a fantastic start to any lesson as it means that learning time can be maximised.

If you are a parent of a student in Years 8 – 11, you will recognise the homework booklets used in maths, and will probably notice that we have now used this format for all of our other subjects. Homework at WCSA is a simple booklet based system.

If you are a new Year 7 parent, you will just notice that your child has up to eight homework booklets in a plastic wallet. This is a new system across the school. We are centralising homework so that we can see, across all subjects who is doing what. This will allow us to chase up students not doing homework, as well as rewarding students who regularly complete homework to a high standard. We believe that homework is a very important part of what we do at WCSA. We certainly think it will help greatly with the more demanding GCSEs now in place – there is a great deal more knowledge to learn.Of course, with any new system, there will always be things to improve upon. So, as we have had the system in place for a month, these are the (slight) changes to note for Learning Cycle 2:

  1. Subject teachers will check homework (not form tutors)
  2. Homework will be checked by the subject teacher the lesson after the due date.
  3. Peer marking will only be used for knowledge (i.e. right/wrong answers) – teachers will take in and mark homework testing skills or with extended written answers.
  4. Please do expect lots of knowledge type homework – the new curriculum requires students to commit knowledge to memory a lot more.
  5. Homework will have an R (research) or C (consolidation). So, sometimes, students will need to go onto Google and find out things that may not have been taught on class – please let us know if you do not have access to the Internet at home.
  6. If your child does not complete homework, we will phone or e-mail you. They will complete a detention on the FOLLOWING day. This is your chance to clear up any confusion and talk to us about why homework may not have been completed (if you feel that you need to).

Please be aware that every evening at WCSA we offer HOMEWORK SESSIONS – staffed in our library so students could leave school at 4.15 with some homework completed!

We do hope that this simplifies things. I am particularly proud of our new system as it ensures that all students have access to high quality learning outside of the classroom. We have spoken to a lot of parents / carers to get to this new set of guidelines. Many of you have given freely of your time to help us to get this absolutely right. I am a great believer that we can always tweak and improve, so always contact us here at the school in the first instance.

Finally, here are two photos from our annual ‘100% Attendance Evening’ which we held last Tuesday. I think that it was probably my favourite evening to date, as it was fantastic to reward students who come to school come rain or shine, aches or pains. We do acknowledge that sometimes students have illnesses which necessitate time off school but we still feel we should reward our 100% students. We will be rewarding more success on the Pier this coming Thursday at our AWARDS NIGHT and I will write about that in next week’s update.


Lastly, a reminder that for all Year 5s and 6s we have our COMMUNITY BREAKFAST MORNING this coming Saturday, October 7th at 9.30am – please do come along to see WCSA and meet our staff in an informal morning. Hope to see you there – please be aware it is not an Open Morning but Year 5s and Year 6s will be able to familiarise themselves with our site ready for transfer to WCSA in September 2018 and 19.

Thank you for your great support

Miss Scott