The Principal’s Blog - Celebrating Our Success

Monday 18 September 2017 – Number 2

Our second full week back at school and this week’s blog is all about celebrating success.

I have written to the five parents of the students who achieved the most amount of positives in each year group. The students came up to see me on Friday morning and have a badge to wear on their WCSA blazers.

Pictured below is Bradley Ellam who is holder of the greatest number of achievements points in the school after two weeks. Bradley currently has 51 positive achievement points.

It is, of course, quite possible that this amount will have been exceeded as you read this blog. So, we will be awarding another five badges next Friday. Again, I will make sure that I write to parents so that you know that your son / daughter has done exceptionally well here at WCSA.


This week sees us launch the student leadership team here at WCSA. Each year, at the end of Year 10, we interview students for the prestigious positions of Head Boy and Head Girl and their deputies. This year, the competition was incredibly tough. We had over 20 top quality applicants. After much deliberating, Mrs Mack and I were able to announce:

Josh Clay as Head Boy
Daisy Game as Head Girl.

Their Deputies are Josh Chilcott and Dionne Meintjes (all pictured below).


The student leadership team will play a key part in the direction of the school over the next year. As well as supporting us with marketing and publicity, they will attend leadership team meetings monthly. I have charged the team with investigating attitudes of students in lessons as their first job.

I would also like to mention some very successful visits to primary schools that I made this week. Teaching a Year 7 Maths class myself, I have been impressed by the mathematical ability of our students. So, it was interesting for me to go down to some of the primaries and chat to the Year 6s and their teachers. Our Trust mascot, Percy PLT, came along with us and answered some of the questions that the children had.


We are looking forward to seeing the Year 6s at our Open Evening on Thursday 21 September from 5 – 8 pm. Please do let your friends and neighbours know that we will be showcasing our school and do encourage them to come along. Everyone will be very welcome.

Finally, I would like to thank you the parents for supporting us with our new homework system. This is brand new and I am aware that we are likely to make some changes after the first cycle. We have had lots of comments from Year 7 and are keen to action these.

Please do note that while we are getting the system up and running, students will not be penalised for non-completion of homework. In the long term, I feel very sure that you will be pleased that your children are getting regular homework that supports knowledge acquisition. The new GCSEs are very much testing knowledge – what do students know in an examination situation. Our homework booklets make sure that students can practise over and over the sorts of things that they need to commit to memory.

If you would like to come to one of our homework booklet workshops (Year 7 Parents) these will run directly after “Catch up with the Tutor” on Thursday 28 September. Catch Up is at 3.30pm and the workshops will run from 5 pm.

With thanks, as always, for your support and encouragement.

Jacqui Scott
Principal – WCSA