Start of Term Message from Mr. Coles - Executive Principal

Thank you for your great support during the course of the school year 2016-17. We hope you have seen the GREAT improvement in GCSE results. The main results went up by 17%. Staff are delighted and we hope parents / carers and the students are pleased. There is more to do but this is fantastic news.


We are very pleased to see 280 new students joining the school at Worle this September. This is very good news for us all, as it helps the financial picture greatly to be full with students. We are just 20 students away from this at Year 7 level, but even so, 280 makes Worle the biggest school in WSM. THANK YOU.

Please do encourage anyone you can to join the school at WCSA. We are extremely pleased to say that some students, who were intending to leave at the end of Year 9, to join the local ‘Free School’ have now decided to stay at WCSA – again this helps the school and our plans going forward. We are planning to develop the student toilets facilities and the sporting facilities at Worle but need the school to be as full as possible to fund these projects. This will happen as quickly as we can make it happen – please do visit Worle at any time to see the changes we have already made to toilets, classrooms and the site. We actually did quite a lot of refurbishment in the summer to the site – do visit at any time.

We have a new business manager at Worle (Mark Antoine). Mark has done a great job over the summer with our superb site staff. Over the break we fitted a new roof to the mathematics block and completed the external painting of the entire school. We passionately believe in a tidy, litter-free and welcoming school. The Worle site team are fantastic. I hope you have noticed a brighter feel to the school in the last year. In October (start of Term 2) the main reception, with our wonderful main receptionist Carol, will move to the very front of Redwing Drive so parents, carers and students will not have to go to the middle of the site for reception. The old reception area will become a brand new ‘Student Services’ zone as part of the new Jill Dando Centre. You may be aware that during this term the administration / Student Services / library block is being renamed The Jill Dando Centre in honour of probably our most famous ex-student, Jill Dando.

On the note of ex-students … we’d like to hear from any ex-student who can provide us with a photograph to inspire students. We are creating ‘walls of success’ going back over the years. PLEASE do not be shy and please help us by sending any e-mail or photographs to

Miss Scott (Principal) and the whole team at Worle did a great job last year. This year we aim to further improve communication. One simple step will be that Miss Scott will be writing a weekly communication message to all parents / carers and students. This will appear each week on our website at Worle and it will also be posted on social media – both on Worle Facebook / Worle Twitter @worleschool. There will also be a new homework system. Both these initiatives are much needed. We spent a great deal of time last year improving staffing levels and improving student behaviour last year. We will now introduce a ‘modular curriculum’ with four simple progress reports per year (we had three last year) with an end of school written report from a tutor. Miss Scott will be holding information evenings in Term 1 to explain the modular system. Details will be on her weekly communication message.

All Worle key dates will be published on our website and posted here again (please share) to help you over the course of the school year. This will be especially useful for the issuing of progress reports and for parents’ evenings.

Please do understand that you can contact the school by e-mail at any time. That is the route to WCSA staff – not through Facebook.

• We have our annual Open Evening on Thursday September 21st. Please can you help publicise this evening to any Year 6s parents that you may know. We welcome your support.
• A quick reminder – we have a two-week October break starting after we break on Friday, October 13th.
• The Willow Restaurant will be refurbished over the October break alongside Reception’s move. Meal prices from this September have been reduced with an upgraded biometrics system in place.
• There is now just one tie at WCSA. The house tie may still be worn but the traditional while striped tie used at Y7 level is now the main school tie. We will continue, and even extend, PE ‘colour’ ties, school badges for our blazers and ambassadors / prefects ties of different colours.
• We will consult this year (following some parental feedback) about a summer uniform. If we do anything this will just simply be an optional WCSA polo shirt foerms 5 and 6. Thoughts on this are welcome by e-mail to MIss Scott.

Our very top priority remains to ensure that all our students are happy and safe at Worle and they get outstanding exam results.

Thank you for your super support.


Neville Coles
Executive Principal
Twitter @nevillecoles